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  1. Hello Chris,
    Nice build of the Boosted Bertha. I like the blog. I ran across it looking at images of the Boosted Bertha. I built for Estes back in the 90's before blogs or YouTube were around. My school and 4H groups tested all kinds. The CATO was popular, but the hot ejection gasses melted the fin units at the ports in the tube. I build a number of the North Coast rockets before and after Estes acquired the company. I have watched Estes change and just this year long time friend Mary Roberts retired. Her daughter Chandra is working there to continue the family tradition. Very nice builds and tips. Do you use Gold Bond or similar powder on your plastic chutes to cut shroud line burn and static cling? MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dennis P Brooks on Facebook

  2. Good morning
    I would like the pdf for the mini red max
    Thank you

  3. Hello, just looking at you posting of the Saturn 5 service module. I would like a copy of the service module plans. Let me know of the cost. Cheers, Bill R.

  4. Hey Chris! Thanks for your build pages...
    I started working on the Estes Low Boom SST and promptly screwed up the tail cone/MMT...So I went online to see what help was out there and found your build page...
    Any chance I would be able to get a copy of your scan of the card stock pages?
    It would be greatly appreciated....
    Thanks, Jerry Frank

  5. Hey Chris-- Just saw some favorable comments about an Odd'l Rocket "CorkScrew" that I think you may have produced as a kit around 2011? Any word if kits are still around, or a link to "home brew" construction plans? Thanks.